Things To Know About Buying A House And Land Package

There are many advantages of a fixed price turnkey house. One of them is that it saves you a lot of time and stress. Instead of choosing a parcel then finding a builder, you should look out for House and land packages in Perth. There are a few options available for home builders in WA that sell house and land packages. Start right homes offer a wide variety of options, so if you decide to buy a turnkey house, make sure that you look for us!

Here are top five things to consider when you buy a house and land package.

-Choose the Right Company and Area

When buying a house and land package you should choose a developer you trust. At Start right homes, we offer full transparency and our staff are prepared to answer any questions you have. You should also research the area where you plan to buy the home to make sure you like it and there are no environmental problems. Checkout Dallas Home Buyers for more info.

-Make Sure That the Chosen Area has Properly Planned Infrastructure

This step is often overlooked but it is one of the most important things to consider when buying a home and land package. Before moving there, you should visit the area and see if there are enough public transportation lines for your needs.

“When choosing a house and land package people should make sure the public transportation takes them wherever they need to go. Another thing they should look for is green spaces. Especially if they have young families.” Said Mark, one of the Architects at Start right homes.

-Ask What’s Included

When buying a turnkey home, you should check out what’s included. Is the landscaping of the home included in the price? Are the site costs and extras such as driveway costs included? Talk to the staff available and ask all these questions. They will gladly answer any questions you might have.

” Turnkey homes might mean different things from builder to builder so you should always ask what’s included in the price they offered and if there are any promotions available for extra features.” Said Mark.

-Make Sure You Understand Everything in the Contract

Building contracts can vary between builders. You should carefully check the contract and understand what you are committing to before buying the home. Since you decided to buy a home and land package it will certainly be overpriced but be sure to check the contract for additional details.

“In order to avoid unpleasant situations, people should read the building contracts before signing them. It is very important for them to understand what they are committing to.” Advises Mark

-Take Your Time to Make the Decision

The whole point of a turnkey house is that it removes the stress from the equation. You should expect that it will take some time to find the right area and design for you, though. Do not rush the decision just because you’re excited to move into a new home. It is well worth being patient to be sure you find a place that’s just right for you.